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Compact RO Series | Reverse Osmosis Plants


Reverse Osmosis plants are designed to remove salinity and other dissolved solids from water. If scientifically designed, RO plants can give long and trouble free service. RO membranes are vital and costly components of RO plants. The life of the ro membranes depend on the design parameters like, feed water quality, Slit Density Index (SDI), pretreatment, operating pressure, recovery ratio etc.

We, as experts in water treatment, can provide you the best & economic design.


Capacities Available :

100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, 2000 LPH and Above.


Features of NARE Compact RO Plants :-

• Scientific and compact design.
• Pretreatment of high quality silver line series
• Fully automatic with manual option
• Online display of product water quality
• Skid made of stainless steel 304 grade.
• Safety components for high pressure pump